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Protect Your Home with a Standby Electric Generator

Protect Your Basement From Flooding - Protect Your Refrigerator & Freezer From Spoilage - Protect Your Family From The Cold -  Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

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8-20 kW Air-Cooled Automatic Home Standby Generators

With a Generac Automatic Home Standby Generator, your home is protected from power outages whether you're home or away. With five models between 8 and 20 kW, you choose the level of protection that is right for you. Whether you choose to back up a few essential circuits with one of our pre-wired systems or to provide emergency power to the entire house, Generac will keep your family safe and comfortable until utility power is restored.

Prices Starting at $4,000 & Up Installed

Select Generator Model:

8 kW World's most affordable automatic standby generator

10 kW True Power™ provides confident operation of sensitive electronic equipment and appliances

14 kW All models are ultra-quiet and feature 1/3 the sound level of a portable generator

17 kW Features Quiet-TestTM and is available with an aluminum enclosure for highly corrosive environments

20 kW Whole house capable and comes standard aluminum enclosure

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